The Power Within You

A universal truth is that life presents us with another obstacle when we least expect it. Unfortunately, the bump often occurs when there are deadlines and tasks to complete at work, or there are pressing family complications. Because of this, the development is not always met with a positive outlook and the initial thought process around an unexpected challenge often veers towards apprehension and regret. You may think, "I can't possibly take on another project, I have no time" or "there is absolutely no way I can deal." These thoughts are paralyzing; they can turn to feelings of worry and grab hold immediately. Sadly, reacting negatively brings on debilitating feelings of hopelessness which, in turn, makes you feel as if the development is insurmountable, thereby causing you to lose some or all motivation.

If you find yourself reacting in these ways, understand that you have the power within yourself to rework your thought process.The key to vanquishing negative feelings is in knowing how to redirect your mind in a positive way. Focus on the positive aspects of your situation to feel inspired, not overwhelmed. Redirect your thoughts through a quick decision-making process that revolves around what you can and will do. Allowing optimism into the thought process first and foremost helps us to face the new challenge head on with confidence.

The most powerful weapon we have against becoming discouraged is our ability to choose one thought over another. Replacing "I can't possibly…" with "I can do it and here is how…" enables us to focus on the present task at hand. Through training our minds to view situations in a more positive way, we achieve greatness. In choosing the positives over the negatives, the challenges grow smaller and become manageable. Moreover, as you apply these techniques, you will find yourself able to reach deadlines faster, be easier to approach, and feel relaxed throughout your day.

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