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The professional development program named Director Questra World came into operation in Questra World Company on September 01, 2016. This program is designed to help directors and their preparation for new scopes of work, new indexes, director levels and bonuses.

Top managers, psychologists and consultants many years’ experienced in personal development had started to meet directors in our Questra World office in Madrid since September 15, 2016 and taught them shared experience during a couple of days. This program allowed to start the continuous training of directors for duties and responsibilities comparable to TOP managers of the highest level of employees with the relevant salaries.

Now if you follow the director bonus of €150 000, €500 000 or €1 000 000 we not only help you to achieve this but also train you how to gain it. However, because of the large number of directors wishing to undergo professional development, the average waiting period began to increase wherefore rather long queue has formed at the moment.

Having conducted the meeting, we came to the conclusion that in order to remove urgently the current queue and ensure the stable qualification within 1-3 months from the moment the director was registered for the trip to the office, at least 2 more departments of specialists carrying out the qualification development, thus solving the problem with the queue for at least the entire 2017.

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