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How to Stake on We Share Abundance

There are 6 Pools we have and each is staked separately and must be in order. So Pool 1 must always be Staked and Pool 2 must be Staked next, then Pool 3, then Pool 4, then Pool 5 and finally Pool 6.

Staking all 6 Pools grants you status as an ELITE Member. It is optional to Stake Pools but if you do not Stake any Pools your membership will be ended after 3 months.

NOTE: There is NO reason for any member not to Stake a POOL as you earn enough to Stake Pool 1 at the end of your first month by completing your set up, logging in each day and reading all your messages.

There are 2 options; the most popular is to stake for 30 days and returns you a total of 150% (30x 5%) which is made up of the return of your Stake plus a generous 50% profit.

The second option is an annual Stake where you pay 10x the monthly Stake for 12 30 day periods; this increases your initial outlay but also your profits because your stake is reduced by 16.67% but your returns remain the same.

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