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A member of Markethive commented this:

“If you can’t afford the SMALL cost of $100 per month (which you will likely only have to pay once out of pocket), there are a number of ways that you can come up with that money. 1) BORROW it from family members or friends and offe, r to pay it back with interest in 30-60 days 2) Sell things you have that you don’t NEED immediately to produce at least $100. You will earn enough from BIX to buy those things AGAIN from BIX proceeds! 3) PAWN enough items to generate $100, and then once you receive your proceeds from BIX in May go back to the pawn shop and take those items out of pawn. There are surely MORE ways you can come up with $100 in the next 8 days, so just FIGURE IT OUT if you really want the E1 upgrade bad enough. Simply stated, if there is enough will you WILL find a way to make it happen. I fully understand that many people don’t have jobs right now, and money is so scarce that you are struggling to get food. But what I am saying AND what Tom has said – is that you will potentially earn $8500 in MAY from BIX (Banner Impressions Exchange) which can easily not only repay whatever money you borrowed, cover any pawn fees, buy all the food you need, and the list goes on. There have to be things you have that while it would be inconvenient to PAWN them for a few weeks, but you would survive – you would be in an entirely new situation before the end of MAY, if you only UPGRADE to E1 by the end of April!!!

Stop looking at the $100 as an expense, but rather as an INVESTMENT in your FUTURE and the FUTURE of your FAMILY. Set your family up for financial security by doing WHATEVER IT TAKES to find $100 before April 30th!!! Mow lawns, wash cars, clean up trash, whatever you can do to earn money in the next few days. If you are unemployed you should be spending 10 hours per day going aroudn your neighborhood trying to find things you can do to earn money anyways. The difference with this, is that you can turn that tiny $100 into as much as $8500 within about 30 days!!! It is your life, are you going to set yourself up for success within the next 30 days? Or are you going to complain about your situation and not do whatever it takes to get yourself OUT of the situation you find yourself and your family in right now? I know that if you want this potential $8500 per month badly enough that you will indeed FIND A WAY TO MAKE IT HAPPEN.

I realize this comes across harsh. BUT I am saying these things because I love my neighbors and fellow Markethivers and I want as many people as possible to join us in the E1 upgrade program before it is too late. PLEASE spend the next 8 days doing absolutely everything within your power to come up with the $100 so you can be part of this group of upgraded members and be able to earn up to $8500 in MAY through BIX! IF you are hurting for money, E1 is for you. If you want to help others who are hurting, E1 is for you. If you just want to earn more money, then E1 is for you. In other words, E1 is for EVERYONE. But you only have 8 days left to join us..”

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