Today’s MLM Industry – Turned by The Dark Side

Today’s MLM Industry – Turned By The Dark Side

Yes, it’s true. The MLM industry has been under a lot of fire lately and justifiably so. If you know anything about the industry you know that the FTC recently slapped Herbalife with a $200,000,000 fine. But does that mean the MLM model is fundamentally wrong?

No, it doesn’t.

The only thing that’s ‘wrong’ in the MLM industry is the attitude that has pretty much permeated it over the last 20+ years, i.e. the attitude that it is OK to sell hopes and dreams instead of real value and results and the attitude that it is OK to sell overpriced crap as long as the top guys and gals got rich doing it.

Is there a better way?  

Is there a way that’s a win-win-win for the consumer (most importantly)-the Distributor- and the Company?

Yes there is.

And would you like to know what that ‘secret sauce’ of MLM success is?

The answer is that above all a successful MLM company must:

  1. Have a superlative and affordable product that brings real value to the consumer.

  2. The consumer must want to purchase that product regardless of whether there is an opportunity connected with it or not. And….

  3. The company must consider the customer first and foremost.

In other words, if it won’t sell at retail in the ‘open market’ for more money than the distributor pays the company for it at wholesale, it’s not a good deal for anybody and it’s certainly not a smart business opportunity financially or ethically, for the Distributor.

At Markethive, we coined a term for these characteristics (and several others).

We say that these kinds of MLM companies are ‘customer centric’. We believe that the MLM companies who survive the increasing government regulatory scrutiny(as evidenced by Herbalife’s fine) and an increasingly more savvy consumer will be few and far between. Those MLM companies which continue to operate with the ‘Old School’ MLM mentality won’t be around much longer.

We know of only one company which today is truly customer centric. More about that company below.

Network Marketing is in trouble but it’s not likely to die overnight.

Here's why the industry is in trouble: 

First of all, millions of people still realize they don’t have any other viable choices. And the fact is that while most MLM opportunities do ‘suck’, Network Marketing done-right (!) is still a fair shot at success for more people than any other business model.  

Secondly, it is unfortunate but true that the traditional Network Marketing industry has gotten pretty good at selling ‘hopes and dream’… even though that’s about all they have to sell. But still, the hopes-and-dreams model of recruiting still for them. At least for now.

They know that the average person is going to recruit one or two people and then they’ll be gone. And then the company will recruit more starry-eyed newbies and the cycle will repeat itself over and over and over.

But is this really success and are these companies really successful?

Many informed observers think that they are not. And we tend to agree.

Here’s how to spot an MLM company not likely to make it:

  • Claims to ‘sell’ a product but hardly any retail sales are actually made and the ratio of Distributors to actual customers is 9:1 (or worse!)

  • Distributors buy products mostly to maintain commission rank and not for real retail sales or voluntaryor preferential consumption.  

  • Only the top leaders make big money and hardly anyone even breaks even.

  • The company spends lavishly on Hollywood type ‘events’ rather than helping the Distributor.

  • The company does not encourage or support the Distributor in using modern technology to sell effectively in the digital age.

Those are just a few of the signs of a ‘bad’ MLM company.

The fact is that the vast majority of traditional MLM companies have forgotten something which is truly critical to their own survival and it has nothing to do with how many distributors the company has or how big their distributor teams are.

The really important metric is, ‘how many people really buy their product because they like it and how many of them keep buying it regardless of whether or not they have any interest in the business opportunity or not? If a product won’t sell on it’s own, at retail, and if average distributors can’t make money in the opportunity, it is neither a sustainable market nor is it a sustainable business opportunity.

In fact, one of the biggest reasons why there are so many X-MLM distributors floating around, with their horror stories about their past ‘MLM opportunity’, is because they were all told that their first priority should be to recruit more distributors rather than make retail sales. I’ve been through that and probably YOU have too, right?

Of course, if you’ve been in Network Marketing before you know that few if any Network Marketing companies have affordable products that people really want to buy irrespective of the business opportunity.

MLM distributors have always been told that high turnover was normal and that the reason they couldn’t large organizations was that they didn’t really try, they didn’t ‘want it bad enough’, or that it was supposed to take a long time to ‘make it up on the stage with the superstars’ getting the big checks.

You’ve probably heard that too, right?

Sadly, many people ‘bought’ that line of thinking and kept trying and trying and getting more and more frustrated until not only all their money was gone but so were the vast majority of their friends. Maybe you know what the NFL club is. That’s the “No Friends Left” club, right?

The reality in the MLM industry is that very few MLM products are truly an essential or highly valued part of the average person’s lifestyle. And those that do have some unique features are almost always so expensive that they qualify as luxuries that don’t fit into most people’s budget especially in these financially stressed times. 

And that’s not to mention that some MLM products are complete hoaxes OR there are cheaper versions of the same product available on the open market.

That’s why the image above is the image that most people associate with Network Marketing or MLM opportunities. How many times have you and your friends made jokes about this? It’s also the reason why many people only dream about but never expect to find a really good Network Marketing company.

This is the image that turns people off about Network Marketing and drives so many sincere, enthusiastic, hard-working distributors out of the industry. But this is NOT Valentus!

Indeed, sometimes a really remarkable company does come along. A company that has a truly ‘life style’ product, that the distributor can buy in bulk, sell at a legitimate retail profit, have a happy customer base, and (if they so chose) build a network of other happy and successful distributors.

When you find such a company, it really is possible to build a sustainable, profitable business and a family legacy to be proud of.

Another good thing about a good MLM business model is that, if you chose to, you can build your business regionally, nationally, or globally and you can even do most or all of it online (just like Amazon or eBay) if your company is truly progressive. You’re running a real business instead of a recruiting mill.

Companies which focus on only on ‘Hopes and Dreams’ and recruiting are doomed to fail.

The number one goal of every real business since the beginning of time has been customer acquisition… i.e. the ability of the business owner to acquire and retain customers throughout the lifespan of his/her business. An honest Network Marketing company should have the same priority… as Valentus does.

The vision of my group of network marketers is to have more customers than distributors at all times… although we are at the present stage looking for leaders to build an international distribution network of key leaders to take our unique line of weight loss coffee and other great products to the consumer.

And by the way – our almost daily flood of testimonials prove that our products do not disappoint.

Do YOU know anybody who likes coffee and who might want to lose a few excess pounds and/or inches?!

I’ll bet you do 🙂

Let’s sit down and talk about it… (╥︣﹏᷅╥)

Seriously, network Marketing can work for you if you work with the right company like our group of community members here at Markethive, are doing right now. We buy into the supplier company, Valentus, with a business builder pack for $499. This qualifies us at the Ruby level and allows us to buy and sell our products at low, wholesales prices on a monthly basis and maintain a positive cash flow.

Customer Centric Ideas For Network Marketing

Our customers are having fantastic results with our products. Just look and listen to the testimonials on my website, here. With results like these it’s no wonder that our Distributors who simply ‘Sample and Invite’ are doing incredible volume, advancing rapidly, and making money in our organization. Many for the first time ever in MLM.  

It’s a beautiful thing. You’ll be amazed at how your attitude toward Network Marketing will change when you finally start making repeat sales, making real money, and recruiting new team members because if they loved it at retail they knew they’d love it better as a distributor.

As you sell product to your customer base, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find that there are lots of people not only who are very receptive to a great tasting coffee that helps them lose pounds and inches but who also are X-MLM veterans who haven’t lost their “Why” or their Dreams and are interested in making some extra money or a replacement income within your team.

There’s no science to explain. It’s just, “You like coffee? Here…Drink this.”

And imagine not being afraid to ask your customers, “Hi! How much weight or inches have you lost?” It’s really exciting to make money with a product that works. No more hoping you won’t have to face your X-Distributors or X-customers. 

We even have proprietary technology, within Markethive, which you can use to create an automated system that drives leads and sales to you or even into your distributor organization. We believe in building deep and strong (and not wide and greedy).

But don’t think that our business opportunity doesn’t require some form of work. It does. Hard work is required no matter what you do in life to reach success. We do run a business but we are very supportive within our team because we believe that ‘a rising tide floats all boats’.

If you’d like to listen to some of our recorded conference calls, you can. And you’ll hear incredible stories of success in short periods of time that are unheard of in other Network Marketing companies…stories that certainly are unheard of for a company like ours that’s only 2 years old (but we’re already approaching $3,000,000 @ month in sales volume).

If you do nothing — you earn nothing. But if you can say, “Do you know anyone who likes coffee and might like to lose weight and inches?, our business is not hard. All you need to do is ask that magic question, give some samples, and follow up.

If you have experience in Network Marketing, you know that companies which have highly demonstrable, affordable, and consumable products (and are well managed) always do very well. We are a company like that.

Matter of fact, our senior leader is Tom Prendergast, CEO of Tom is a remarkably capable but relatively silent MLM superstar who in his prior MLM company almost put them out of business by recruiting 141,000 customers in just a few months. In his first MLM company several years before that he actually did recruit so many customers that his company did go out of business.

But now we need to talk about YOU

Have you been involved in Network Marketing before?

If so, how long have you been involved in the industry and how many companies have you been with?

How many companies have you been with?

Do you still a Big Dream?

What kind of options do you see in your future right now?

And last but not least, are you open to learning a whole new, customer centric way of building a profitable, fun, and sustainable business with an affordable, high-demand, high-quality product and a record-setting team?

If your answer is "yes" to at least most of these questions, especially the last one, then I would like to talk to you and see if you would be a good fit for our team.

My first requirement is that you need to join me and our team at Markethive. Even if you’re in another MLM company, you can still benefit from the free Markethive membership although you will not get a special extra benefit that we extend to Valentus members… as described below.

Once you’re in Markethive, you’ll need to set up your account and go through the easy and free Alpha Trailblazer upgrade. Then follow the instructions to set up your profile page.

Once that’s done I will connect with you through social media (facebook, linkedin etc.) to exchange phone numbers to discuss our business opportunity with you and ask you to join our Valentus business group within Markethive.

We prefer to go through these steps, just like a job interview, to find those individuals who really qualify. We are real business people who want to make sure that the people who join our business will be ín synch’ with our values and our business model.

We require the purchase of the business builder pack within our organization because you can’t sell from an empty cart and people WILL want the product.

Also, you receive a free Markethive Inbound Marketing platform, along with full training, to promote your Valentus business (and any other business you might be involved in) online. There is no other Inbound Marketing Platform on the internet as powerful as Markethive. Yet, amazingly, it is totally free.

We can do this because Markethive is advertising supported (just like Facebook, YouTube, and many other popular social platforms). No training, tools, or support are withheld even though amazingly our top competitors with Markethive (e.g. companies like Pardot, Marketo, or Eloqua) cost $1,000 or more per month.

Benefits of Joining Our Business at the Business Builder Level

There are reasons and benefits to our Ruby level requirement. The main reason is that as a Ruby Distributor with Valentus you earn higher commissions. You also will advance more quickly and you won’t lose sales by not having inventory. You will get sales if you Sample and Invite.

Note: our product actually sells at a profit on eBay too… if you set it up like we can show you. For that reason, there is zero risk of losing your money with this opportunity and no other company can make that claim and back it up with proof.

But wait…it gets even better!

Remember that ‘extra benefit’ I mentioned?

We also reward those team members who purchase the Ruby Level business builder pack with the affiliate rank in Markethive known as Alpha Entrepreneur! This package is valued realistically at $5000!

When you join our team, we will match your effort 110% as long as you are actively involved in trying to build your business. We won’t give up on you if you don’t.

For myself and our team, I look forward to welcoming you into two remarkable and unique companies… Markethive and Valentus. Buckle up!

Art Williams
Markethive Alpha Legacy Member and Developer
Valentus Ruby Team Leader
Skype: atwill4

Visit the Kairos webiste

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