Tone Vays: Bitcoin Will Again Trade Below 5000

Tone Vays: Bitcoin Will Again Trade Below $5000

As per Tone Vays Bitcoin(BTC) is likely bottomed when hits the  $3,700 mark

this week but likely it may also dive to below $5,000 once again. While in that last edition of the Trading Bitcoin Series as of March 13, the trader describes the mayhem of the Bitcoin Trading which culminated to 60% of the daily loss.

While introducing his new episode on twitter he also summarized that:

“All Signs Point to this being the final capitulation of the 2 year Bear Market.”

Traditionally conservative approximately Bitcoin price action, Vays sounded the alarm approximately capacity weak spot in BTC/USD in January, warning that there has been room for losses beneath the roughly $10,000 levels visible on the time. According to Vays the chances of fresh dive below to the $5,000 mark at 50% rate given press time at $5,700 is most likely to happen,

he said:

“Do I still think that we are going to fall below $5,000 one more time? The answer is: I actually do.”

Continuing to this he added that, he may panic only if the market hits $1,000.

While seeing the future the message was simple:

“The final capitulation has happened, the bear market is over, but the road back up will be harder than people realize.”

 As it has been previously reported that Bitcoin’s sell-off has caught the majority of the traders and analysts by surprise. While only some saw it’s shortcoming previously likely Andreas Antonopoulos was one of them who argued back in January about the huge crash in Bitcoin would be a huge cause of a global recession.

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