Top Money and Finance Blogs You Should Read

Top Money and Finance Blogs You Should Read


In my more than 12 years writing for Kiplinger, I've seen the number of print personal finance publications shrink. Yet I've seen the number of blogs dedicated to the topic explode. It seems like everybody has a story to share about getting out of debt, living a frugal life or managing money wisely.

Despite large numbers of personal finance blogs, only a handful tend to offer valuable advice and solid guidance. In the past, I've named some of my favorites. Since then, I have discovered several more that I frequently feature in my weekly roundups of advice from around the Web. Here are ten personal finance blogs I regularly read that you should be reading, too:


Bargaineering. Jim Wang created this blog in 2005 and now has several contributors who, along with Wang, write about how to earn more, save more and spend less in terms anyone can understand. You'll find posts on a large variety of money topics ranging from lowering your bills to dealing with a denied health insurance claim to heating an entire room with tea lights. However, Wang writes that the real goal of Bargaineering is to help people do more of what they love with the people they love.

Block Talk. You'll find plenty of trustworthy tax advice on this H&R Block blog. But it also offers lots of valuable tips on budgeting, career, credit, saving and more. What I really like, though, are Block Talk's infographics that make money matters visually appealing, easy to digest and — dare I say it — fun.

Christian Personal Finance. Despite the name, this blog doesn't overwhelm readers with a Christian message (it's present in some posts but not all). For the most part, it just offers great personal finance advice anyone should follow, regardless of his or her religious views. Blog. Think of the Blog as your go-to source for all things credit and debt. The advice comes from a large number of experts, including Adam Levin, the former director of the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs; Gerri Detweiler, the author of two credit and debt books; and several financial planners and personal finance journalists.


Credit Donkey. This relatively new independent credit-card comparison site offers money-saving advice geared toward college students, young adults, and families. Like Block Talk, it frequently features infographics that make learning about personal finance more fun.

Good Financial Cents. Certified financial planner and author Jeff Rose writes about investing, saving for retirement and paying down debt in terms anyone can understand. He frequently writes about his own experiences (including mistakes he's made), which can be inspiring for people looking for the encouragement to save more and spend less.

Money Under 30. As the name suggests, Money Under 30 caters to young adults who need help understanding the basics of personal finance, breaking bad money habits and getting on a path to financial success. Although David Weliver, who's been writing the blog since 2006, is over 30 now, he's still dedicated to helping twentysomethings avoid the money mistakes he made when he was younger.

PT Money. Like many other financial bloggers, a lot of debt and little savings prompted Philip Taylor to learn more about personal finance and share that knowledge with others. Since creating the PT Money blog in 2007, he's written about taking control of his financial life. He and contributors to the blog provide tips about making more money, saving money and spending wisely.

ReadyForZero Blog. Since it launched in 2011, has been one of our favorite budgeting sites. Its blog builds upon what the site's free tools offer: help for people in debt. It offers expert advice on budgeting, managing student loans, handling credit card debt as well as success stories to inspire you to become debt-free. I can always find great tips for saving money on everyday expenses at this site, which also provides advice on investing, earning more, building a nest egg and a variety of other personal finance topics.

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