Trying Out Publicate w/ Markethive

Note: This is a 'round-up' type article curated with I tried Publicate last year and, although I thought it had promise, I wasn't totally happy with the UI. But Publicate kept on going and when I got an email from my friend and Publicate CMO (I think that's what he is) mentioning some upgrades, enhancements, and the fact that they had even presented it at a recent SXSW event, I thought it might be wise to check it out again.

I have no doubt that it interfaces just fine with a traditional WordPress blog (of which I have several) but the big question is whether of not it will survive the MH 'experience'. Let's just try it, shall we?


Publication 38
Making Sense of Blockchain Governance Applications - CoinDesk
In this opinion piece, Stark seeks to provide a high-level framework for understanding the power and potential of nascent blockchain governance applications. Governance has long been one of…
It's important to understant the terminology that permeates this new blockchain and cryptocurrency phenomenon. You've probably heard the term 'Governance' but do you know what it really means. The first couple of paragraphs here will bring you up to speed.
Michael Savage cautions Trump about inner circle
He's been dubbed "the Godfather of Trumpmania," but Michael Savage noted on his nationally syndicated radio show Thursday that he also promised he would hold Donald Trump accountable if…
Michael Savage is a very wise man. He was one of the very first Trump supporters. He is also the guy who coined the terms, "Borders, Language, and Culture". In this article he makes a wise observation Trump needs to be careful to keep a close rein on his new team. Great movements can fail by outright sabotague but also out of sincere but overexhuberant conviction.
Attorney General Has An Interesting Plan For Helping Trump: Sue...
PALM SPRINGS, Calif. – Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley has a plan for helping the new administration: Sue the government. The government needs to move quickly, he told a large…
Here's an interesting way for Trump to use the left's own legalistic tricks against them in order to get some things done.
What if a substantial portion of Trump's Republican congressional support gets 'cold feet'?____________________________________Limbaugh: Trump has 1 much bigger problem than protesters
While protests continue over President Donald Trump's "extreme vetting" of foreigners from seven Muslim-dominated countries, radio host Rush Limbaugh says the commander in chief faces a…
Bitcoin "Faucets" might be the quickest and easiest tool to push cryptocurrency into the developing world. Do you know what they are?___________________________Press Release: Bitcoin Faucets become the new entry points for...
99Bitocins' Bitcoin Faucet WordPress plugin is now powering more than 200 Bitcoin sites around the world, allowing more than 2.5 billion unbanked adults from around the world to…
3 'triggers' for Islamic uprising under Trump presidency
A former Homeland Security officer who spent years screening Muslim immigrants points to three "triggers" of confrontation between the new administration of Donald Trump and the global… (the author of this article is a whistleblower who was actually forced out of the DHS because he pointed out some dangers that his superiors and their superiors didn't want mentioned. Point is…he's a smart guy and this article is worthwhile reading).
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