What is the secret sauce to building a successful online business?

The secret sauce to building a successful online business

Anyone who is seeking to build an online business is typically asking this question. We all see ordinary people proving that building a successful online business can be done.

But what is the secret?

What tool are they using to make this work.

There are so many tools, tips and tricks being thrown around out there claiming that this is the one you need to finally be successful.

Well I have a secret….

There is no secret sauce, tool or trick.

What? Wait?

Those that you see day in and day out showing you that having a successful online business can be done have a couple things in common.

1. The are constantly providing value to those around them through providing solutions to peoples problems and being real.

I met one such person over the weekend who is the top affiliate for a up and coming company. He is the most real person I have met in this industry.

All he spoke of was providing solutions and value to your target audience.

People are tired of being pitched through banal autoresponders.

Do autoresponders have their place?


However, you must make them personal. But I digress.

2. The successful entrepreneurs are consistent and deliberate in there actions. They have a DMO or Daily Mode of Operation.

What do you do consistently everyday to move your business forward?

Here is an example of a DMO:

  • Create one piece of content a day: blog, video, article
  • Promote it on 5 Social media outlets. Whatever your favorites are: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube (if Video) Pinterest, Instagram, Google Plus, Tumblr.
  • Answer 3-5 questions for every post you create from Q & A sites like Yahoo.com  to increase your credibility and have people start coming to YOU for answers.

Ultimately the “Secret Sauce”…is YOU!

Not a tool. Tools help you scale and automate.

Who are you as a person?

Are you a giver or taker?

If all you are after is the almighty dollar, then this will be a tough road to hoe. People will see this from a mile away and avoid you like the plague.

But, if you are real, genuine, providing solutions and value, then and only then will you begin to bring credibility to your name and people will start coming to you for answers. Then through that you will begin to see your business take off.

Be Real. Be purposeful. Be consistent and add VALUE!

Bryan Tuck


Visit the Kairos webiste https://cabinet.kairosplanet.com/register/#111b0e

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