While I Kept Partying, My Parents Kept Praying – Part 4: Working All Things For Good

Foundationally, every single person has to be born again.

Written by Luis Palau
Tags: Salvation
This article was written by Andrew Palau.

In my life, I’ve seen God work out His promise of Romans 8:28, that He causes “all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose.” For example, I went to a lot performances of the rock band Grateful Dead before I followed Christ. Their model was festival and open air, and free flowing multi-generational. When the Palau Association wanted to reach large cities for Christ, I remembered my Grateful Dead days. My brother Kevin and I imagined a gathering far different from the crusade model for evangelism. We dreamed of a party that would contain not only the Gospel, but also Christian music. We told Dad, “Let’s go to a park, let’s go to a beach, let’s shut down the city streets… and proclaim Jesus Christ.”

In 1999, our dream came true. Our first two festivals were held in Portland, Oregon. Now our “CityFests” with two full days of live concerts, a children’s area, live action sports demos, Gospel presentations, and more have been held in cities across America and even around the world.

Today I present the Gospel, just like Dad. And God has used me to direct festivals and share His Good News in not only the United States, but also in Africa, Romania, Egypt, Mexico, India, and even Jamaica – the place where the Lord first opened my heart to His truth.

I was recently telling my personal story of salvation in Africa. The people were interested in the fact that Luis Palau’s son didn’t know the Lord. In reality, my story is not that unusual. Every generation has to be called to repentance and receive the Lord.

An Eternal Decision
Ever since I started walking with Christ, I’ve never tired of telling my story. I think one of the main things that every believer has to realize is: God rescued me. And that is so humbling.

Whether I look across a sea of a 100,000 faces, or peer into the eyes of one searching 12-year-old boy, I know that everybody has to individually decide: Will I follow Jesus Christ?

Foundationally, every single person has to be born again. There is no value in your culture, or your tribe, or your family in terms of eternity. It’s a personal decision that has to be made by all.

Even by the son of Luis Palau.

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