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Result of Lottery for October with the Numbers of We share abundance….
Power of One bonus: $ 166,159.37
Total rewards and commissions: $1,786,131.80
Charity fund: $ 846,712.79
Admin fund: $ 23,372.00
Total Wealth Created $2,822,375.96
Pool 6 $29,105.00 won by Nawaikwu Victor (Vicrosy1212) of Nigeria
Pool 5 $10,718.10 won by Samson Momoh (samoflife) of Nigeria
Pool 4 $5,803.36 won by Zain Maqbool(zainjaspal) of Pakistan
Pool 3 $ 3,225.18 won by Gladys Trustfull (Mindset) of Suriname
Pool 2 $2,136.25 won by Rhoda Franco-Brooks (HoneysuckleRose) of the USA
Pool 1 $1,986.45 won by Charlotte Omongbale (Charlotte) of Nigeria

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