You Might Already Have A Start In This Lucrative Profession

You Might Already Have A Start In This Lucrative Profession

If you’re one of the many people who are disappointed because you haven’t made any money in internet marketing, you might have some valuable and potentially high-paying experience that you’re not aware of. Indeed you might be sitting on top of a lucrative and highly sought-after career, part-time or full-time.

The experience and training I’m talking about is in the field of email copywriting….e.g. Putting words into emails that help companies grow their business and brand.

When the economy is good, companies want to do more email marketing because there’s more business out there. When the economy is tight, companies like email marketing because of its high ROI. Either way, you win if you can write good emails.

But don’t think that email copywriting is something you have to go back to school for. Not true!

Even if you’ve just been on the internet a long time, read a lot of emails, done some social media content writing, or perhaps maintained your own blog for awhile….you’ve probably got valuable experience that just needs a little polishing to be turned into the highly paid profession of email copywriter.

First however, let’s be sure you realize that almost everything on the internet, every type of commerce,  starts with a written word…. especially if it involves marketing. Companies almost always need good email copywriters.  

But it’s not rocket science and it’s a skill that can be easily learned if you really want to  because certain basics always apply and those basics can be learned relatively quickly.

How big is the market for email copywriting?

In fact, hundreds of thousands of companies send marketing oriented emails every day and 50% of a group of surveyed companies recently said they plan on doing more email marketing this year. According to Steve Slaunwhite, marketing strategist, speaker, author and well-known copywriter, the market is huge and getting bigger every year.

Steve says that most companies are trying to do more email marketing and at least 50% of them say they have a hard time finding good email copywriters.

What is the essence of the task these email copywriters need to do?

As already mentioned…companies need to write and send emails that ‘get the click’. It’s that simple. You probably know by now that the ‘click’ is where the process of selling products or services starts. On the internet, email is where the prospect begins the transformation from stranger into customer.

The reason why you might already have a head start in this lucrative field of email copywriting is because you’ve already been so close to it during your many hours on the internet. You probably already know something about marketing because you’ve already tried to market something on the internet, you’ve already read a lot of internet marketing material, and you’ve no-doubt attended a lot of online webinars.

You’re more experienced that you think you are. Probably all you lack is some knowledge of the email copywriting profession itself and what some of the best-practices in the industry are.

In fact, there are various courses available that teach email copywriting and related subjects. As already mentioned, you don’t have to ‘go to school’ to learn how to make money as an email copywriter. Two sources of a good education on email copywriting (and several other types of copywriting) are American Writers and Artists Inc ( and

But If you’ve been at all observant about what you’ve been reading and watching in the internet marketing arena all these years, it won’t take you long to realize how close you are to becoming a well-paid email copywriter. It’s likely that all you need is somebody to unlock the knowledge that you don’t realize you have.

What kind of email copywriting jobs are available?

Your Email copywriting skills are used to do:

  • Lead generation emails

  • Landing and capture pages.

  • Lead follow-up emails or series of emails (AKA: autoresponder series).

  • CTA’s (Call To Action).

  • Sales Pages.

  • Relationship building emails.

  • Customer loyalty building emails.

  • Upselling and cross-selling.

  • Outright ‘Direct Sales’ emails.

So you can see there’s plenty of work.

But it gets even better.

Most emails can be written in a day and that makes you very well compensated for your time. Once you get proficient at email copywriting, you’ll be paid very well for the hours you put in…and it’s fun work too.   

Email copywriting pays much better than blogging… the form of freelance writing that gets most of the attention from aspiring freelance writers. According to Mr. Slaunwhite, an average fee paid to a professional blogger for an article might be between $150-400. In comparison, those same companies think nothing of paying a good email copywriter between $400-800 for just one email.

Another nice perk from being an email copywriter is that as long as the emails you write bring in the clicks, your client companies love you and are very loyal. Usually you’ll be asked to do other kinds of copywriting too.

Blogging gets much more publicity but you can see that email copywriting is a hidden gold mine. Considering the comparative compensation vs. the amount of work involved, where would you want to spend your time?

The answer is obvious. Email copywriting of course.

But you might ask….

“Why are companies willing to pay such a premium for email copywriting?”

The basic reason (in their minds anyway) is simply because:

  • Email copywriting results are easier to measure.

  • Email copywriting is considered more directly and immediately linked to sales.

  • Companies feel that email copywriting is a very precise and highly skilled form of copywriting. And feel that email copywriting pays the biggest and most immediate ‘bang for their buck’.

Blogging still has its place in the marketing mix and can be excellent income for freelance copywriters. But companies know that blogging doesn’t bring the immediate sales that email copywriting can.

In fact, many companies which do both blogging and email marketing don’t even bother to measure their blogging response whereas, according to Mr.Slaunwhite, it is very rare to find a company which does not carefully and immediately scrutinize their email metrics.

Getting valuable metrics from email marketing is made especially easy because all the good autoresponder software (AWeber, GetResponse, ActiveCampaign, provide very good stats within their programs. Companies can see immediately what their opens, clicks, conversions, bounces and other important metrics are.

As further evidence that companies recognize the value of good email copywriting, Mr. Slaunwhite cites these statistics (data from one of his courses):

  • 89% of leads are generated and/or nurtured via email. (Source: MailGen.)

  • 25.1% of Black Friday sales were generated via email. (Source: Custora.)

  • 74% of companies say email marketing delivers the highest ROI. (Source: EConsultancy)

  • 50% of companies expect to spend more on email marketing this year. (Source: DMA.)

For you, this means it’s easier to justify a higher fee as an email copywriter than a blogger or article writer.

NB: I almost said that being a travel blogger has unique advantages vs. being an email copywriter. But that’s actually not true. You can be an email copywriter from anywhere too, right?

Do some companies do their own email copywriting?

Sure. Approximately 50% do. But you can still approach them if you want to because you never know when they might need extra help or perhaps be thinking of changing to a totally outsourced model.

The rest of the email copywriting work in the industry goes to freelancers like you. Or… to marketing agencies, creative firms, content writers (which can be slightly different than an email copywriter… e.g. social media content writer), and consultants. That’s a lot of very well-paying work!

Best Types Of Companies To Approach For Email Copywriting Work

Your best prospect for email copywriting work are

  • Companies with long sales cycles.

  • Companies who need lead generation.

  • Companies where buyers take a while to a buying decision.

  • Companies that sell totally online.

  • Companies which need continual relationship-building.

  • Companies which cater to ‘information seekers’.

  • Companies which do a lot of highly promoted events and conferences.

  • Marketing agencies

Your ideal decision makers will be Marketing Directors, Agency Creative Directors, or the actual business owners of private companies where the owner likely wears a lot of hats but the company is sophisticated and big enough to appreciate a specialist like you.

Generally speaking you will also need a portfolio too (unless you get your gig through personal contacts). But that’s not a problem because you’ll probably generate a portfolio in your training or you can offer to do a sample email(s) for your prospective client or you can discount your work for perhaps your first job or two.

According to Mr. Slaunwhite, good email copywriters have all the work they can handle. If you can develop that skill (and I know you can) you can suddenly be on the selling end of internet marketing instead of always on the buying and spending end.

You’d probably like that, wouldn’t you?

Art Williams
Case Studies and eMail Copywriter
Contact at 713 701 1853


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