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Company World Way Capital

this is a Canadian company engaged in prop-trading.
World Way Capital operates in accordance with Canadian law and is under the supervision of regulators (Organization for the Regulation of Investment Activities of Canada IIROC).
progressive management promotes the development of partners, career, and material well-being growth all partners of the company.World Way Capital – a network of recent trading holding with a wide range of financial services and European service standards.Working at World Way Capital is a unique opportunity to join the company’s development, become part of a professional team, combine advanced technologies and innovations with human capabilities on one platform.

Advanced technologies and the work of world’s best financiers at World Way Capital give an opportunity to expand the range of resources and to direct the professional and personal qualities in development of the best financial strategies used on this platform.
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The company is growing every day, you can see the growth of the company on the world statistics website Today, the company has 5 open offices worldwide.
Offices are located:

– in Canada (Winnipeg) – Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs, 200-275 Portage Ave, Winnipeg, MB R3B 2B3, Winnipeg, MB R3B 2B3

– in Vietnam (Hanoi) – 4th floor, V + Trade Center, Hoa Binh Green City Building No. 505 Minh Khai Street, Hai Ba Trung District, Hanoi

– in Vietnam (Binh Duong) – No 54 D3 Road KDC K8 HIEP Thanh thu dau mot Binh Duong

– in Kenya (Nairobi) – ICEA building, 17th floor, Room # 1708

– in Philippines (Cagayan de Oro) – RPM BLDG. MACAPAGAL DRIVE ZONE 13, CARMEN.

Also in the near future offices will be opened in the Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh), Mongolia (Ulan Bator), Russia (Ufa) and regions such as China, Korea, Japan. Follow the news, and not only follow as well as join our strongest team! I am a leader whose reputation has been proven over the years. Being on my team means being among the best! At WWC, you can unlock your full potential and show what you can do for the sake of financial freedom!

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Just want to turn to partners who still think and doubt. I remind you the simple saying „Time is money.“ So I want you to remember why you came to the internet business! If you are competent in internet business, you should have joined WWC for a long time. You stop yourself, in development, in profit, in your career. You can really build your career for many years. Which will significantly change your life for the better. Also, each partner of the company has the opportunity to become the official representative of the company in his region, and to represent the interests of his region in the world market. So why don’t you do what you have dreamed of for so long? I hope after reading this message, you radically change your opinion, and begin to act!

WWC is the market leader in investment services!

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