Summary of the 1. Webinar by WWC

The summary of what the CEO said was that:

He is by name, John Walters, he is the head of WWC.

They started World Way Capital in 2011, but in 2018, having got all the necessary licences, they went into global business investment.

He told us the road map of the company.
Which are, they are making move with world business leaders to ensure that they collaborate with banks in Europe and America so that in the nearest future, the people can transact with their visa card globally.
And for the fact that their business trading activities is 75,000,000 to 85,000,000 dollar daily as at present, that by 2021, when the trading business volume will exceed 500,000,000 dollars, the company will have it own stock exchange.
And presently, they are taking serious steps to to ensure they connect with meta trader 4 which will enhance the opportunity for every partner to also trade along side with them independently using their format and this will earn more money to investors.

He reaffirmed confidence of investors that the company and the partners are one big family.
And the company considers that the partners are first place for everything.
He equally stated how the system of the world deceive people, such as, banks where by people put money and are being paid 5% of which the bank it self is get 500 to 600% profit.
That this is the time people will have the opportunity to set them selves free from financial barriers.

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